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Ride the City - Asheville, NC

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Today we launch Ride the City - Asheville, the 43rd city to get the safe bike routing tool since we began this project in 2008 (first starting in New York City.) Asheville is a lot smaller and has fewer bike facilities than most of our other cities but the climate is great for bicycling, and last year Asheville was recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists (they got a bronze-level designation) so they're doing something right.

Ride the City - Asheville

Bike Share Chicago is Live

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It's official, bike share in Chicago is live! As of today the Divvy bike share system is up and running. Here's the Ride the City map showing the location of bike share stations. (Click the map to open Ride the City - Chicago in a new tab.)

To learn more about the Divvy bike share system and to sign up, visit their website.

Bike Shop The Musical

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Bike Shop, the musical is unique and one of a kind, and it's back! Here's the info:

Written by a cyclist and bike shop owner, Bike Shop is the story of a Brooklyn bicycle store and its owner, Bobby. Two years after a tragic bike accident, Bobby tries to get back on the bike to get her life in gear. The sole performer brings to life three generations of a colorful, bike-obsessed family as she builds and repairs real bicycles on stage...while backed up by a 4-piece Bicycle Band.

bike shop the musical image












Ride the City app: Bike Share

If you use the Ride the City mobile app, you've probably noticed that since Memorial Day weekend there's a new feature with the launch of New York City's bike share program. The map now has markers to show every location of bike share stations, which you can turn off if you prefer to not see them. With the markers for bike share station, you can touch any station to find out how many bike are available and how many empty docks there are if you're looking to return a bike. And to make it easy to understand the data without selecting the marker, there's a number on each marker to tell you how many bikes are available. If the number is greater than 9, you'll see a "+" instead to indicate there's no shortage of bikes at that location.

Here's how the Ride the City map appears in contrast to the citi bike app, which uses shading to show how many bikes are available. The citi bike bike share markers act like hour glasses of sand that are full with bikes but then run out as the bikes are checked out, which is just a different way of showing the same data. We thought about making markers similar to this but decided to stick with a more specific or measurable representation: numbers rather than shading.

Bikes available

NYC Bike Share

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The bike share system in New York City is finally on the ground and running. This is the first weekend that the bikes are becoming available so go out and give them a try.

Note that the Ride the City map includes the layer of bike share stations to help you know which stations are empty or full. Here's a screenshot of the map with the bike share station markers (green "s" teardrops). When you touch a bike share marker, you can see how many bikes are at that station as well as how many empty docks to be sure there's room to return a bike before you get there.

The Hidden Argument Against Bike Share (and bike anything)

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Now that bike share stations are being placed around town, people are freaking through various complaints and vandalizing the stations. So a few days ago I went to a bike share town hall meeting, hosted by our local council member. Here are some of the arguments against bike share that I heard:

"We didn't know a station was being proposed here."
"The stations take up space for needed parking."
"All the bike stations are making more traffic congestion."
"Now it's more difficult for businesses to get deliveries."
"Bike share is a commercial venture, not appropriate for public city streets."

New Website: Bike Witness (

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In honor of upcoming Bike Month and the soon to be launched NYC Bike-Share Program,, the Law Firm Flanzig and Flanzig, LLP has released a brand new site, BikeWitness.Org!

Bike Witness Website screenshot

Ride the City - Philadelphia & Pittsburgh!

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It's been a while since we've added new cities to Ride the City but we are happy today to make a soft launch of Ride the City Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, two up and coming bicycling cities. We're calling this a soft launch because volunteers and Open Street Map users are still adding bike routes and improving the map. Give Ride the City a try and let us know how it's working for you.

Pittsburg and Philadelphia Map

Bicycling Compost Service?

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Got an email recently from the NY Permaculture Meetup group that I thought I'd share for the NYC crowd. Greg is trying to set up a commercial composting business that hauls used coffee grinds away by bicycle. See below and please consider sharing his survey with your local coffee shop. Thanks!

Image source: Revolution Compost, Vermont

Revolution Compost

Streets of Chrome - Photo Contest

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Just got this from our friends at Chrome:

Chrome Industries launches the Streets of Chrome – A photo contest to find the world’s next great street photographer in conjunction with its new camera bags.

Streets of Chrome from Chrome Industries on Vimeo.

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