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Business/event directions request form

To make it easy for people to ride their bikes to your business or special event, we can create a special link for you with a predetermined destination so that, to get directions, users need only enter their starting location. For example, or (for the New York Botanical Garden). This form will not automatically create the link for you, but we'll process it within 3 business days.

Example: Bicycle Habitat, a New York City bike shop

Enter the name of the business or event you would like to provide directions to.

Please enter the address, intersection, longitude/latitude or other information to help us place the marker at your business or event location.

You may upload an image to be shown in the popup for your event. Please try to limit it to 170px X 100px (and under 100Kb).

Please enter text to identify your business or event in the Ride the City URL. For example, if you type joesbikes, you could find directions to your business by typing in You may only use letters, numbers, underscores and dashes -- no spaces! (Also, we reserve the right to change these slightly, but we'll confirm it with you first.)

Please enter your email address. This will not be included in the directions page, but will be used if we need to follow up with you for some reason.

Please enter any additional instructions or comments here.